Performing genealogical and family history research to explore family legends and solve family history mysteries.

Let us help you explore and celebrate your family history.

Genealogist, Anna Hopkins-Arnold, PhD., has been researching genealogy and family history for 16 years. She has performed online genealogical research in 19 states and 5 foreign countries. She has performed in-person genealogical research in 8 states and 3 foreign countries.  She has helped locate missing relatives, traced the owners and makers of antique objects, and followed the military career of soldiers who served in WWI, the US Civil War and of patriots, loyalists, and redcoats who served in the Revolutionary War.

Let our genealogist use her experience to solve of your Family History Mystery.

From short term help locating hard to find records and breaking down “brick walls” to organizing family documents and photos to complex research problems or writing a family history she can help you preserve and pass on your unique family history.

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