Professional genealogist,  Anna Hopkins-Arnold, traced many family members back to England finding baptism, marriage, and burial records that showed where the families lived, worked, married, had children, and were buried.

In 2009, Anna and her family visited several of the villages and houses in England and Ireland where their ancestors lived, and the churches where they were baptized, worshiped, and were married and buried. Some of her ancestors were clergymen in those same churches.

It was a wonderful experience to see those places and walk the same streets that her ancestors trod so long ago.  In some places, things have changed a lot. But some of the places were, apart from modern conveniences, much as they were, a testament to the durability of stone buildings and the tenacity of locals who have preserved their historic villages.

Anna has traced Catholic, Anglican, and Puritan families, clergy, soldiers, members of parliament, diplomats, merchants, nobles, and farmers across England, Cornwall, and Ireland and back again to England before the families emigrated to the United States. Some of these families, trace back before the British Civil War in the 1650s (a difficult period to research because of large gaps in the records). She was also able to meet some British cousins still living in England.

Records before 1580 are limited, but land records, visitations of heralds, and some military and court records allow us to trace the adventures of a few families back to the arrival of the Normans in 1066.

Anna has transcribed the information from images of handwritten wills and probate records back to the 1600s and continues an ongoing project to collect images of the wills of all her British ancestors.

Anna has used heraldry to sort out different branches of families and identified ancestors in parish records, bishops transcripts, and transcriptions of heraldic visitations and pipe rolls. As more and more original documents are presented online, she looks forward to seeing original images of more of these documents.

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