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Files for the “Tracing Your Civil War Ancestors” Workshop: click on the link to open or download the pdf file:


This four page pdf (UPDATED 26 Jan 12) shows information and active links to useful websites for researching civil war era ancestors. Begin with the general websites (the Civil War Soldiers and Sailors Database should be your first stop). Then continue through the list to explore different aspects of your ancestors service.

Tracing Your Civil War Ancestors Worksheet

This four page “Tracing Your Civil War Ancestors” Worksheet provides a place to collect and record information from family stories (p1-2) and from records and documents (p3-4) including recording the sources for all information (p2 and p4).

It is laid out so that you can then lay pages 1 and 3 side by side to easily compare information from family stories (p1) to the corresponding information from records and documents (p3). Flip them over to compare facts from family stories (p2) to the facts from published obituaries or biographies (p4).

Record your sources: While you record info from both family stories and from records and documents, note the source in a numbered list (p2 for family info and p4 for records and documents) then you can put that number next to each fact, then if you learn one source does not apply to your ancestor you can easily delete the erroneous information from that source. And when you transfer the information to an online tree or write it up, you will have the sources for each fact at your fingertips.

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