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We are delighted you want more information about Rootfinders Genealogy Research and look forward to hearing from you by phone or email. Rootfinders Genealogy Research is a family owned business so you are not leaving a message with some clerk, but contacting our genealogist directly. So, if you get a recording, please leave a brief message and our genealogist will return your call as soon as possible.

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– Anna Hopkins-Arnold, PhD and Rootfinders Genealogy Research

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  1. Concerning your 2012 article, Customize “Family Tree Maker 2012″: Showing Complex Relationships, you amply show that Family Tree Maker (was this Windows version? I use Mac) can detail complex relationships. But how about displaying the relationships on a chart, like a descendent chart?

    For Example, if I had Person A married Wife B and they had 2 children, C & D. Years later they divorced, and Person A Married Wife E, who bore him child F. If you place this on a descendent chart, wouldn’t it appear on the chart (without going into the underlying detail) that Person A was connected (double line) to Wife B and Wife E? Is there a way to make ththe double line from A to B dashed (signifying divorce)?

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