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  1. Hello sir,
    My name is Joey Sparacio and I wanted to ask a quick question about Sicilian genealogy. I am researching my fathers ancestors in Sicily Italy in towns of Palermo and Messina. Is it possible to have French ancestors based on the Sicilian vespers and the angevins? Even though the Norman’s were originally Scandinavian, if I find Norman blood would that also make the Norman’s French adding French ancestors to my dads family? Please let me know
    Thank you!
    Joey Sparacio

    1. These are interesting questions and I’ve enjoyed our discussions about them. For the benefit of others reading these comments, I’ve also replied below.
      The ethnicity estimates from our DNA tests often include information about the history of our places of origin. The Normans, as you know, were Scandinavians who settled in the north of France. As time went by they intermarried with the French population so that present-day residents of Normandy whose families have been there for many generations will typically have more Scandinavian DNA markers than do residents of other areas in France.

      Sicily has its own rich history and I look forward to discussing with you how that history has affected your DNA results.

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