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Professional Genealogist , Anna Hopkins-Arnold, PhD (Biology)

Member Association of Professional GenealogistsAnna became interested in family history through a fifth grade class assignment. She has been collecting stories about her own family history ever since. She has been actively researching since 1994, researching online since 1999, helping others since 2003, and providing professional research services since 2011.

She has performed online genealogical research in 26 states and 8 foreign countries, and on-site research in 8 states and 3 foreign countries.  Anna’s genealogy projects have included:

  • getting past “brick wall” ancestors
  • connecting cousins and relatives
  • tracing the owners and makers of antique objects
  • following the military career of soldiers who served in WWI, the US Civil War and of patriots, loyalists, and redcoats who served in the US Revolutionary War

She has traced several families (including her own) back to England and Ireland

In college and graduate school she studied physics, engineering and biology and learned to cite all her sources. Her work as an engineer taught her to apply abstract knowledge to the real world and come up with creative solutions to complex problems. Her work in biology gave her the background to understand how to use DNA to help solve some genealogy problems. Her experience teaching science to children and college students taught her how to explain complex ideas clearly. All these skills have served her well as a professional genealogist.

Let Anna apply her problem solving experience to the exploration of your Family History Mystery.

Anna is a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists and will adhere to their ethics and standards.

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