learn how to find them, even before the name index is finished

 The newly released 1940 US Census data is not indexed by name. Completion of name indexes for the 1940 census are anticipated to take from 4 to 18 months. Those who want to find their ancestor’s records in the 1940 census before the name index is complete will need to use other methods to locate them. Explore methods for finding likely locations for your ancestors in 1940 and for using that location information to find their records in the census. These techniques can also be used to search for elusive ancestors in other census years.

Audience:  Beginning to Experienced Genealogist

Genealogy Class Type: Genealogy Methods, Tips & Tricks

Class Summary:

We will go over methods to find ancestors using location information, suggest ways to find location information and street address using family documents & letters, City Directories, WWII Draft cards, and, for people who stayed in the same place, the 1930 Census. We will demonstrate using the Steve Morse One Step Site to locate the Enumeration District (ED) and even the block number. Then we will show how to use the ED and Block Number to locate the family without having to read through each sheet in the enumeration district.

We will also discuss possible pitfalls and how to overcome them: including renamed streets, modern development, and abandonment removal, or flooding of the old town.


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