Forms and Checklists remind us what information we need and what is missing.

I use these to keep track of my own genealogy and the research I do for others.

I provide them as a public service to the genealogy community and my students. Please, print them as often as you like. Share the link to this page with your friends. Use them for your own research. But, be sure to keep the copyright notice and business contact info attached.

To share these forms with friends, share the link to this page ( so everyone has the latest and greatest version, they know who made these forms, and they have a opportunity to read my posts or take my classes to learn how to use them.


  • Family Group Sheet
  • Pedigree Form
  • Individual Timeline
  • Research Log


(this page under construction – links to checklists will be added soon – check back or email me to be notified when they are available)

  • Checklist for Immigrant Ancestors
  • Checklist of Research Tips
  • Checklist: Additional Research Tips Specific to Irelands
  • Research Checklist for American Man (1790-1940)
  • Research Checklist for Women American Woman (1790-1940

If you find one of these forms useful, or have a suggestion for improvement please contact me.

Also contact me to book a class for your organization or private lessons (live or virtual) covering how to use these forms in your research.  Thanks

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